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March 3, 2014

Medical weight loss programs are a safe and very effective way to lose weight under the careful guidance of a Medical Physician. The most common program is the use of appetite suppressant medications. Most of these medications have been prescribed for many years and have proven to be very effective at decreasing and or controlling your appetite. This appetite reduction will give you the ability to exert self control and make the right food choices. So this should hopefully stop you from grabbing and swallowing an entire hoagie when you are done work and when you are driving in the car on your way home late at night. And then normally you would probably even eat once again when you finally do get home.Instead you should be able to eat several small meals throughout the day that are healthy and nutritious for you and will even promote weight loss.

Losing weight is all bout making the correct food choices. Like eating a delicious salad with grilled vegetables and chicken topped with lots of yummy vegetables and low calorie dressing. Believe it or not healthy food can be delicious.

Usually this type of program will also include instruction in an exercise program. Now the type of exercises you are given will most usually depend on your current fitness level.

Other types of medical weight loss programs include surgery.

One type of procedure is called the gastric bypass. Now this is a very significant surgery and not every one is a candidate for this type of program. There are stringent pre-qualifiers that must be met before a person would even be considered for this type of surgery. It is always good to work with a Surgeon that is affiliated with a well respected Barriatric facility.

The other type of surgery utilizes a band. This is not as major of a surgery as the gastric bypass type of procedure

Again please remember that there are strict qualifications that must be met in order to for you to even be considered for these surgeries.

You will also be required to follow a very limited diet and food program. Very small meals should be eaten throughout the day.

People that have the surgical procedures will be required to many the same diet if they want to maintain the initial weight loss. If a person increases their calorie intake drastically inevitably they will gain weight back.

So remember that if you do have something like a gastric bypass done you still have to follow a sound nutritional plan and milk shakes and doughnuts are not part of that plan.

So now you have some basic understanding of the three most common type of medical weight loss programs.

Always remember to discuss any health and medical issues like these programs with your Medical Doctor.

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Medical Weight Loss Philadelphia

January 28, 2014

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Weight Loss in Philadelphia

February 4, 2012

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Medical Weight Loss in Philadelphia

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March 8, 2008

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